Contribution of capital

  • Voluntary buy-ins: Upon prior application, members may make payments to the Foundation at any time for the purpose of increasing their pension benefits. Please note: Advance withdrawals for residential property must be repaid prior to any buy-ins. 
  • Buy-in potential: Calculated by the pension scheme. 
  • Withdrawal of buy-ins: Where members have effected buy-ins, they may not withdraw the respective amount in the form of a lump-sum for the subsequent 3 years. According to a decision passed by the Federal Court in 2010, this also applies to the accrued savings capital. This rule is intended to prevent members from temporarily shifting funds for tax reasons. Under applicable pension laws, it is possible to withdraw savings capital accrued before the buy-in even during the three-year lock-up period. The General Electric Switzerland Pension Fund follows the provisions of the pension laws. However, the tax authority may not accept the withdrawal. 
  • Additional early retirement account: Members may offset the reduction in benefits in the case of early retirement by making payments to an additional account. Such payments cannot be made before the regular buy-in potential has been exhausted. 
  • Fiscal consequences: Members must clarify, and are fully responsible for, the fiscal consequences of their buy-ins and any lump-sum withdrawals. 
  • Withdrawals: While members are employed by General Electric (Switzerland) Ltd, advance withdrawals may exclusively be made in respect of owner-occupied residential property