Occupational pension provision

Security built on three pillars

Switzerland’s pension system is based on three pillars: AHV/IV state pensions, occupational pensions and private pensions. This ensures that your standard of living is maintained in old age and in the event of disability or death, both with respect to yourself and your surviving dependents.

The three pillar policy

The keystone: AHV/IV (1st pillar)
AHV (old age and survivors insurance) covers the subsistence needs of the members or their surviving dependents in old age or in the event of death. Integrative measures or cash benefits under disability insurance (IV) secure the members’ livelihood in the event of disability. AHV/IV is a mandatory insurance plan for all persons working or living in Switzerland.

Consistent standard of living thanks to occupational pension plans (2nd pillar)
In conjunction with AHV/IV, occupational pension plans ensure that your standard of living will not drop once a claim for benefits arises. At General Electric Switzerland, the 2nd pillar is covered by the Pension Fund and the Supplementary Insurance Plan.

Private pensions (3rd pillar)
The 3rd pillar allows our members to fulfil their personal wishes. There are no restrictions regarding members’ choice of provider and savings amount. Limits apply to the tax-privileged portion 3a, and the capital may be withdrawn in particular cases only. No limits or requirements apply to pillar 3b. Assets invested in this portion are disposable at any time.

Members opting for private pension provision receive some assistance from General Electric Switzerland. The company pays additional interest of 3% on the first CHF 15,000 of your savings with Avadis Asset Growth. This translates into an allowance of up to CHF 450 per year.